29 March 2013

Kidney PowerPoint Template - Free Download

This is a medical powerpoint template that will suit all Kidney powerpoint presentations. It has an image of the human kidney. To see how the powerpoint background looks, click on the video below.

Note: The video is of low quality and the fonts appear discolored, the template that you will download is of very high quality and looks great!

Screenshot of this template:

If you want to download this Powerpoint template, (yes, no B.S, totally free!) click on the link below:

or download the power point from mirror 2:

This medical powerpoint template does not have any watermarks or names on it, so feel free to use it however you want!

The purpose of Medicaldump.com is to share medical documents (powerpoints, pdfs, pictures, medical powerpoint templates, etc) freely, so that pre-meds, residents, doctors and other medical professionals can benefit ans share knowledge. If you have some documents that you would like to share or upload, drop me a mail at medicaldump-at-gmail-com.


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